Rational decision-making or the fear of missing out?

This piece is by no means a comprehensive inquiry into Bitcoin — I omit many noteworthy points and haven’t even attempted to frame it as a balanced analysis. This is a narration of my personal thought process. After holding back for a long time I jumped onto the Bitcoin bandwagon in December 2020 and I want to talk about why.

After years of struggling to find a rationale for the price of Bitcoin doubling faster than Taylor Swift releasing her next album, I caved and moved some money from equity investments to the digital currency. Do I think BTC is…

Almost two years ago, 20,000 Google employees staged a walk-out to protest Google’s handling of sexual misconduct in the workplace, an issue that hardly provokes ostensibly opposing positions. In today’s political climate, however, companies are being forced to take a stand on issues that don’t necessarily find common ground among Americans.

When Black Lives Matter protests erupted this summer, PR teams were quick to show their support through hashtags and creative logos. Despite the broad corporate support for the movement, a recent study shows just 55% of U.S. adults express at least some support from the movement, down from 67%…

I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed and see a post titled “Our Climate Crisis”. After a one-second pause I continue scrolling and land on a hilarious Game of Thrones meme that I share with four of my friends. It’s not that I’m not interested in reading about climate change; I have read so many articles about how we are doomed and there’s not much I can really do about it, right?

My meandering mind returns to the present. I breathe. The undercurrent is picking up but I can still see my buddy at the edge of the sandbar so I…

Arnav Mody

Constantly amazed by writers so thought I'd give it a shot. Aficionado of scuba diving, walking tours, and the Spanish language. Leave me a note!

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